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Smoke Grenades Jurza

The company Smoke Grenades Jurza deals with the development, manufacture and distribution of smoke grenades that are designed for paintball, airsoft, military, film and aviation purposes, fire drills, emergency and intervention exercises, testing of pressure containers, wind signalization, navigation, etc.

20 years of experience and continuous development allows flexibility to respond to market needs and thus we offer consumers products with high quality and reliability.

New products Smoke Grenade White D130 tr. and Smoke Grenade Black D70 tr. already use wire pull initiation which is used in military smoke grenades, hand grenades, etc.

The latest certifications allow distribution of selected products throughout the European Union.

  • Czech product
  • Quality processing
  • Reliability
  • Aluminum and steel casing
  • Compact sizes
  • Excellent manipulability
  • Affordable price


Dýmovnice Jurza

Identification number: 12193933

Petr Jurza
Ochoz u Brna 386
664 02 Ochoz u Brna
Czech Republic

E-mail: info@smokegrenades.eu

Bank connection:

  • Czech Republic: 2600974246/2010
  • European Union (IBAN): CZ6720100000002600974246
  • European Union (SWIFT): FIOBCZPPXXX

What do customers say about us

Smoke grenades work absolutely reliably in all weather conditions, smoke intensively are easy to use and create an interesting atmosphere for an exterior photo shoot. I recommend them!

Boris Kjulleněn, professional photographer