Smoke Grenade Orange D70 Wire Pull



The new type of the smoke grenade which is initiated by a wire pull. Excellent for paintball, airsoft, military, film purposes, fire drills, signaling purposes etc.

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Data sheet

Ignition method Wire pull
Color of smoke Orange
Height 55 mm
Diameter 50 mm
Weight 120 g
Weight of composition 55 g
Delay 1,2–3 sec
Burning time ± 35 sec

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The case of the smoke grenade is made ​​of aluminum alloy which ensures high strength and durability. Very compact size and weight allow good manipulability and storability.

Smoke Grenade Orange D70 Wire Pull is approved by the Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition in the Prague with certificate ČUZZS 2231-P1-021/2012 and it is possible to supply on the market within whole the European Union.

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